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The Original "Eight Complete Martial Arts Taught as One" in the U.S. Since 1972

Kom Do

KOM DO CHEA is best described as the beginning Kom Doe movement. Kom Doe is the “Samurai” sword. KOM DO CHEA is the bamboo practice of Kom Doe which allows the student to actually spar with weapons.

Benefits: An actual Kom Doe can weigh up to 90 pounds. The individual must develop his/her knowledge of the movement through practice with the KOM DO CHEA before he attempts to practice with an actual Kom Do. The movements are straight and direct, moving from one point to the other. The individual develops an acute mental alertness with strong physical power through this type of practice. All DAZE and sparring movements will improve from practice with a KOM DO or KOM DO CHEA.


1. Kong Su / Tae Kwon Do2. Aikido / Hapkido
3. Udo / Jujitsu4. Kom Do
5. Tai Chi Chung6. Bagua Chung
7. Kung Fu / Goong Bu8. Ship Pal Gye (18 Weapons)


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