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Children & Teen Programs

Training Programs for Children and Teens

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Oom Yung Doe Children (9)

Skill and ability are important, but in order to accomplish anything you must have the confidence to act using these skills and abilities. Confidence is the key to unlocking your potential. Confidence builds self-respect. The confidence you gain will stay with you and serve you throughout your entire life.

This program includes basic movements from Kong Su (Tae Kwon Do), Ai Ki Do / Hap Ki Do, Udo (Ju Jitsu), Goong Bu (Kung Fu), Tai Chi Chung and Ship Pal Gae.

This course includes the foundation of how to develop your strength, flexibility, coordination, timing and control with over all health and wellness. Confidence can be improved, as well as focus, self-discipline, and increased energy levels.


Oviedo (Orlando)

School Phone: (407) 977-0553

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School Phone: (727) 596-6636

Click here to Schedule a Free Lesson and Receive More Information About Children and Teen Programs


Class Times for Children and Teen Classes

Children:  4:15 to 5:00pm Monday – Friday

Teens:  5:30pm to 6:30pm Monday – Friday


Pricing for Children and Teen Classes

First month is $115.00 and includes 1 month of lessons, uniform and registration.

Monthly is $85.00 for Children Classes.

Monthly is $90.00 for Teen Classes.

Parent Testimonials

*My son (Ryan W.) joined Chung Moo Doe when he was 5. His four year experience has been wonderful, and he has benefited in many ways. I have seen incredible improvement in his attitude when faced with difficult tasks. I would recommend this form of martial arts to anyone. I really appreciate how the instructors incorporate daily life tasks into the program.

– Christina W. (Parent)


*We carefully chose Oom Yung Doe of Oviedo after visiting other martial art schools in our area. We absolutely made the best decision for our son, age seven. In just a short amount of time our son’s focus, patience and self-confidence has significantly improved. We are an old fashion family with family values of respect, honor, and responsibility: very important to us. The “Iron” Kim style of martial arts incorporates and compliments these values perfectly.

Although our son is not currently taking other sports, I can definitely see Oom Yung Doe complimenting many popular sports programs. This class keeps the kids focused, encouraged, strengthened and flexible. The Instructors at Oviedo, FL. are superb with their patience, individuality and teaching ability. Every class something new is taught, and past lessons are reviewed, so it’s fun and exciting and no student feels lost or overwhelmed, “they” keep wanting to come back and I know this first hand with my sons excitement for class time. On a final note you cannot match the price, it’s very affordable and you get so much for your money and then some.

– R.V. (Parent)


*At age five my son, Bradley, started at Oom Yung Doe. It was also his first day of Kindergarten. I thought it was just something to do after school, rather than TV or video games. I insisted he would take a sport after school and he was less than receptive. He is more of a mathlete than an athlete; uncoordinated and very shy. He had to pick soccer, baseball or something. Still under protest, he agreed to Oom Yung Doe because it was in an air-conditioned environment. I admit that it sounded good to me too. Whatever works right, I thought. He agreed to try only the two month minimum; and to try was all we wanted him to do. I figured the worst thing that could happen is that we get a cute photo of him in his uniform.

At first he would cry when I brought him in, if I was in his sight, so I left for 15 minutes. He would get over it and forget me. After three days he fit right in and was fine. He was given a written curriculum of what he needed to do to achieve his first belt and the take of having to bring it to class each time. Wow! Something to read, a task and a goal. He was in heaven. He brought it to class with him each time religiously and went right down the list until he mastered each thing. His personal struggle was a cartwheel for some reason. It took him a year and he never gave up. Other parents, students and instructors all made a big deal the day he got it. It was very memorable.

Five months after he started Oom Yung Doe, we took him skiing for the first time. I noticed that his ski stance was the same as he had learned in martial arts class. He was the only kid without jelly legs and could endure the ski lesson as well as focus on the instruction. After one lesson he was on the slopes with me. This was when I realized the value of Oom Yung Doe their main daily message; “listen, follow directions and do your best in all aspects of life, not just in class.” The way Bradley thinks is that less than your best is a waste of time. He not only carries this way of thinking to school, but also excels in Boy Scouts where he is after every badge there is.

At age eight, Bradley had earned his black belt. So much for trying the minimum two month class, three years had now passed.

Bradley is now ten and looks forward to Oom Yung Doe class almost every day.

Bradley’s sister, Jolene (age seven now) also started Oom Yung Doe at age five and her first day of Kindergarten. She is the opposite of Brad and not much for doing her best. She looks at Oom Yung Doe class as more a social event with other girls. Again, whatever works to get her there. She has come a long way, too, and is learning to do her best without even knowing it. She also hit the ski slopes after one lesson due to the strength she built in her legs and her ability to focus and follow directions.

I would recommend Oom Yung Doe for anyone. It can help improve your skills in all things requiring your mind and body. It will improve skills in school and in sports. If you have a kid like Bradley, the mathlete type who likes to challenge their mind, they will really take it to another level. It is great, in addition to, or as an alternative to conventional sports. This is my short story and I can write a book if anyone wants me to.

– Brian H. (Father of Bradley & Jolene)


*Our 6 and 9-year-old sons have been students at the Oviedo School of Oom Yung Doe for about a year. In that time we have seen the many benefits the training provides. The physical exercise of the training is just a small part of what they are learning. The Instructors teach our sons the importance of hard work, focus and dedication. These lessons are taught in a manner that instills discipline but is still a fun and exciting time for the children.

– M.T. (Parent)


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