Oom Yung Doe - Central Florida
Grandmaster “Iron” Kim Style

The Original "Eight Complete Martial Arts Taught as One" in the U.S. Since 1972

Eight Martial Arts Videos

The main emphasis of Moo Doe training is to develop and strengthen the individual mind and body. The Oom Yung Doe line of Martial Arts teaches 8 Complete Martial Arts as One.

Over the centuries throughout the world billions of people have utilized the practice of Moo Doe, the core of Martial Arts knowledge to benefit their daily lives.

Oom Yung Doe combines knowledge, forms and movements that span thousands of years and generations of martial art practitioners to provide a diverse style of martial arts today. The diversity of knowledge, forms and movements benefits and develops the human body many different ways unique to the Oom Yung Doe Martial Arts. The total knowledge of Oom Yung Doe combines and teaches all martial arts together as one.

Click on the links below to view a brief description of each of the Eight Martial Arts.

1. Kong Su / Tae Kwon Do

2. Aikido / Hapkido

3. Udo / Jujitsu

4. Kom Do

5. Tai Chi Chung

6. Bagua Chung

7. Kung Fu / Goong Bu

8. Ship Pal Gye (18 Weapons)

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