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Bagua Chung

Bagwa (or Bagua) as a martial art is based on the theory of continuous change in response to a given situation. It is an internal form of Traditional Moo Doe that sharpens reflexes and cultivates the understanding of one’s mind and body. Just as Feng Shui is used as a tool to enhance positive Chi (energy) throughout one’s home, Bagwa – through movement – focuses the positive Chi within the body, redirecting and removing the negative Chi, harmonizing one’s mind and body. Bagwa movements, when done correctly, balance and center one’s Chi. Also, through proper training an individual is capable of properly directing their Chi. However, if done incorrectly the individual may improperly direct their Chi to only certain parts of their body, resulting in an imbalance of Chi, ultimately adversely affecting their body shape.

Bagwa is a powerful way to increase one’s Nae Gong, (powerful internal strength). Certain masters of Traditional Moo Doe use Be Bang (secret herbal formulas) to accelerate their Bagwa development, quickly balance their Chi, increase their Nae Gong, and quickly balance their mind, body and spirit. One of the most important keys to attaining the deeper benefits of Bagwa is through practicing proper traditional training methods that are passed down by true Traditional Moo Doe Masters who teach Bagwa based on your particular body type.

There are many theories and discussions relating to the origin, history and validity of various Bagwa styles. In fact, the validity of any style is based on whether or not the style teaches proper training methods, and whether or not the capability of the master is evident in his or her ability to demonstrate their skills. Legend has it that some Masters never passed down their knowledge of Bagwa at all, while others continued to develop their skill and ability of Bagwa and secretly passed that knowledge down within their own family line over generations. It is believed that the knowledge of Bagwa movement was secretly passed through generations of family lines for centuries until just a few hundred years ago, when it became more openly taught to the public.

Bagwa Walk is a special, circular walking position derived from the movements of various animals. The Oom Yung line of Bagwa consists of 360 techniques that encompass many different offensive and defensive positions. Bagwa training enables you to move your body like a coiled spring, smoothly and lightly, but with tremendous speed and power. This form includes offensive and defensive movements that develop both internal and external strength.

Agility, combined with speed and power; improved offensive and defensive capabilities; tremendous internal and external strength; a stronger immune system; a youthful condition; longevity; increased chi; and, the development of Nae Gong.













1. Kong Su / Tae Kwon Do2. Aikido / Hapkido
3. Udo / Jujitsu4. Kom Do
5. Tai Chi Chung6. Bagua Chung
7. Kung Fu / Goong Bu8. Ship Pal Gye (18 Weapons)


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