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Rec & Roll Program

Orange County Rec & Roll Program

Orange County Parks & Recreations is providing an opportunity for our youth to learn art, music, dance, and more while such programs are becoming less accessible through traditional education. The Rec & Roll Program include activities such as team sports, crafts, fun activities and special events.
This program is free to the youth in Orange County. Through partnerships this program will enhance lives by providing Orange County’s youth with the resources to make positive choices that lead to successful futures. The program opens doors to recreation that were once closed to so many.
Oom Yung Doe Association of Florida, Inc. is a proud participant in this program since January 2007. The Association accepts the challenge and responsibility to teach the youth of Orange County how to make the “Correct” choices in life. Through their training participants build mental and physical strength necessary to achieve his or her goals. The confidence gained from this strength can assist them in all aspects of daily life.

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