Oom Yung Doe - Central Florida
Grandmaster “Iron” Kim Style

The Original "Eight Complete Martial Arts Taught as One" in the U.S. Since 1972

Grandmaster “Iron” Kim

Kyong Gong Sul Bope

Have You Ever Experienced
Traditional Moo Doe?

Students Surveyed Over the Last 30 Years Say Why They Chose Oom Yung Doe; one of the most powerful styles in the U.S.

Hundreds of thousands in the U.S. alone have benefited from Traditional Moo Doe.

  • “Oom Yung Doe has the strongest movements I’ve ever seen.  The professional instruction combined with the history and legends gives me confidence that I’m practicing properly.  I felt a remarkable difference after my first lesson and I continue to develop quickly.”
  • “What I’ve found here that I couldn’t find anywhere else is that the instructors don’t waste my time with unnecessary conversations, but they always take time to address my questions and concerns and to point out areas in which I can improve.  They are very professional.”
  • “The changes I’ve seen in my condition, as well as in countless other students, are just remarkable.  I truly believe anyone who tries Oom Yung Doe can improve their condition like I did.”
  • “When the International Level Teaching team comes into town they demonstrate incredible skill and ability, show live weapon demonstrations, various hyung movements and self-defense techniques.  I’m always amazed the human body can move like that.”
  • “With the International Level system (4 levels of instruction), I get the personal day-to-day attention of my instructor and instruction from all levels up to Master level 9th degree black belt.”
  • “I heard so much about the rumors of Oom Yung Doe, I had to go see for myself. I was curious to find out why and what made these schools grow.  I found out once when I saw the open-hand and weapons demonstrations of Master Level 9th Degree black belt instructors.  I thought I was watching a Shaolin or Crouching Tiger type movie.  I wanted to learn, feel and do it.  I had 15 years of previous ordinary martial arts experience and had won many tournaments; but after practicing Traditional Moo Doe for about 6 months, I realized that I’m just a beginner in true traditional martial arts.  I realize the tremendous development in my physical and mental conditions.  There was truly a difference because of incredible skills and abilities in their true martial art root and the care for their students.  Before, I thought the public made rumors because they didn’t know what they wanted, but the public knew exactly what they wanted – positive results.”

What you see in these pictures is what you can achieve.


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