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Belt Ranking and Uniform

The Moo Doe Belt System

The Moo Doe line has come down over the centuries and all true Oom Yung Doe practitioners proudly stay on the original Moo Doe line. Traditional Moo Doe recommendation and testing guidelines are strictly followed. In the U.S. there are many self-proclaimed expert martial artists who make statements about how good they are, but only a small number can demonstrate what they claim. The real value of what a capable martial artist can teach should be easily recognizable through a demonstration of their movements.

The traditional Chung Doe (Oom Yung Doe) line of martial arts has a clear system of rank and position. Ranks from 1st degree through 10th degree are recognizable by belt, uniform, insignia, rank certificate and current I.D. Positions from assistant instructor through Grandmaster are recognizable by uniform, insignia, position certificate and current I.D. Capabilities of rank are demonstrated through movement. Capabilities of each member’s position are shown through certification of their judging skill and ability to teach.

The Chung Doe (Oom Yung Doe) rank and position system (1st degree through 9th degree and Assistant instructor through National Instructor) ensures that all students receive complete training to become fully certified and qualified teachers enabling them to pass down the traditional Moo Doe knowledge to the lower rank practitioners.

This system is unique in the United States to the Oom Yung Doe line of martial arts. Only the Oom Yung Doe line uses the traditional six-section system up to first degree and clearly demonstrates the line of knowledge all the way up to Grandmaster. Other martial arts schools may imitate this system but it is easy to see the lack of authenticity in the absence of the Oom Yung Doe Rank and Position and Judging and Teaching certificates. Only instructors with a current Rank and Position certificate and a current Judging and Teaching Certificate are recognized by Grandmaster “Iron” Kim to be in compliance with the rigorous standards of the Chung Doe (Oom Yung Doe) line of knowledge.

Combining over one quarter of a century of learning, a core group of higher degree (8th and above) National Instructors, have come together practicing true Moo Doe principle in training. Each of these have been witness to and received personal instruction from Grandmaster “Iron” Kim. Maintaining outstanding form, this select group of teachers have formed for the specific purpose of keeping with traditional training as is the Chung Doe (correct way).

The Chung Doe (Oom Yung Doe) line of martial arts is recognized internationally. Any traditional Moo Doe practitioner can easily see the difference between traditional Moo Doe and fabricated or experimental movement. Pa Doe teachers don’t realize how much experimental movement can effect others and cause a body imbalance. That is one reason, over the centuries, the well rounded and balanced movement of traditional Moo Doe has been passed down.


1st Section

2nd Section

3rd Section

4th Section

5th Section

6th Section

1st Degree

Cho Dan

2nd Degree Instructor


This belt system is a centuries old tradition. Initially, a student’s belt would blacken from sweat during earnest practice. The gradual darkening of the student’s belt is symbolic of the effort and concentration a student uses in his or her practice and of the increase in skill and understanding gained as a result.

Beginning at fourth section, the student wears black trim on his or her uniform, which increases with each rank advancement through First Degree Black Belt. Black symbolizes knowledge. The chart above shows the progression of uniforms from white belt through sixth section.

The first promotion for a sixth section student who successfully tests for First Degree is First Degree Cho Dan (Probationary First Degree). This means that the student has successfully passed the first phase of their First Degree Black Belt test. A three month probationary period is recommended, but can vary. During the probationary period the student must show improvement in at least three categories of their First Degree test. A First Degree Cho Dan uniform has a single gray stripe down the outside of each pant leg.

First Degree II Dan, or full First Degree Black Belt, is earned upon satisfactory completion of the probation. A First Degree II Dan has a single black stripe, replacing the gray stripe on the outside of each pant leg.

As a student or instructor progresses past the First Degree level, a stripe is added to the pants at the successful completion of the respective rank test. For example, Second Degree is represented by two stripes on the outside of the pants, Third Degree has three stripes and so on through Fifth Degree. The uniform top remains the same throughout the progression of ranks.

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